For over a decade, All Stone has been bringing beauty and quality to home and business owners across Long Island. All Stone can provide remarkable stones for the stunning renovations you expect and the extraordinary results your deserve. 

Classic Ledgestone

Classic Ledgestone is known for it's lightweight characteristics, making it ideal for both interior and exterior use. 

Zagora Stone 

Zagora Stone is a collections which is available in three cut options: tuscan square cut, classic cut and natural cut. This blend can be modified and customized. 

Rockface Ledgestone

Rockface Ledgestone is the most marketable panel due to it's ageless and understated appeal. Rockface Collection is comprised of panels ranging from one and a half inches to two inches thick making it ideal for outdoor use. 

Square and Recs Veneer

Square and Recs Veneer offers a rutted traditional look for large scale construction projects. Due to it's availability in loose pieces, Square and Recs can be used to create completely customizable end products. 

Wireback Stone

Wireback Stone is a rugged, rustic, and overall ravishing stone that is ideally used in outdoor setting to provide homeowners with a natural stacked stone look. The wire backing allows for complete support and an immensely rapid application. 

Alpine Blend Classic-  Panel
Antique Royal Rockface- Panel
Aqua Blue Classic-Panel
Bayshore Blend Rockface-Panel
Coastal Grey Blend- Zagora
Evora Gold- Square & Rec
Golden Ray Mushroom Classic-Panel
Hampton Blend Rockface- Panel
Harvest Gold Classic-Panel
Harvest Gold Rockface- Panel
Harvest Gold-Wireback
Key West Blend- Zagora
Kingslanding Wireback
Kingslanding Squares & Rec
Manhattan Blend -  Zagora
Mist Gray- Squares & Rec
Mist Gray- Wireback
Monticello Rockface-Panel
Nora Stone- Squares & Rec
Nora Stone-Wireback
Northfork Squares & Rec
Sintra Grey- Squares & Rec
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Classic Ledgestone


Rockface Ledgestone






Square & Rec